Sacrificial lamb?

Michael Goldfarb thinks Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair may be the fall-guy for the failure to stop the Pantybomber before he got on Flight 253, but as much for not playing well with others in the White House as for not connecting the dots from Nigeria to Yemen to Amsterdam.

Perhaps, and it certainly sounds like he deserves a sacking, but I can think of someone who should get the boot with him.

Really, though, this near-fiasco shows that all the urgency to do something, anything, right after 9/11 accomplished was to create another level of bureaucracy, with all the inherent frictions of a bureaucracy. Rearranging the national security org chart did little other than to provide more turf to fight over. For all its flaws, the 9/11 Commission Report got this much right: the need was (and is) to tear down the barriers to communication and cooperation between various agencies so that when a father in Nigeria goes to our embassy and says “My son wants to wage jihad against you,” we can tell the State Department, who will then revoke the son’s visa and put him on a no-fly list before he can blow up a plane over Detroit.

Just as an example.

Sadly, I don’t have much faith that the bureaucracy will learn from this near-miss.

RELATED: And speaking of connecting the dots, the Ft. Hood jihadi and the Pantybomber share the same spiritual adviser. Yet, every time something like this happens, the government assures us they acted alone. There are none so blind…

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  2. Craig Horning says:

    A reporter on KNX theorized that Leon Panetta will get the boot as a result of this. He feels that Feinstein (Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee), who has never liked Panetta and was not consulted on his appointment, will use this as an excuse to drive him out.

    • Phineas Fahrquar says:

      Washington turf wars are dangerous things. I’d be surprised if Panetta took the fall, because the warnings about the Pantybomber went first to the FBI in our embassy and then it was State’s responsibility to place him on the no-fly list. (As I understand it.) Supervising the coordination needed rests, I think, at the DNI level, not CIA. Still, when bureaucrats are fighting over perks and blame, the ax could fall anywhere.

  3. archer52 says:

    From my website:

    The American Spectator posted a story about how the people inside the federal bureaucracy are now free to do what they wanted to do all along which was apply PC to everything, refuse to “target” bad guys, even when they were proven bad guys and basically follow the “reset” theory of engagement Obama provides.

    It will get us killed. Even Maureen Dowd is suffering from contortions.

    • Phineas Fahrquar says:

      Yeah, I noted in another post the Bob Herbert had turned on the administration over health care, and now the Dowdy One over terrorism. The clue bat is really hitting these people hard.

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