At least he is an honest socialist

I’ll give Bolivia’s President Evo Morales this: he may be anti-American, a socialist, a racist, and a drug-dealer, but at least he’s honest about why he’s concerned about climate change – he wants your money.

Bolivia’s Morales plans alternative climate conference

Bolivian President says he’s planning an alternative global climate conference for April following the failure of a summit in Copenhagen to produce binding agreements.

Morales says the April 20-22 meeting in Cochabamba will include indigenous peoples, social movements, environmentalists and scientists as well as governments “who want to work with their people.”

He says it will pressure industrialized nations to accept that they have a “climate debt” to poor countries and will work toward an international court on environmental crimes.

The Green Statists and cultists of Anthropogenic Global Warming in rich countries may be concerned about laying the foundations for transnational government and saving the Earth from a nonexistent problem, but guys like Morales, or Venezuela’s Chavez, or Zimbabwe’s Mugabe only care about the cash. They see this as a chance to play on post-modern Western guilt and get their hands on billions to prop up their own shaky economies (which they mismanage into the ground) and pad their Swiss bank accounts.

Granted, the Eco-elites and Green Statists suffered an embarrassing setback with their failure to reach an agreement at Copenhagen, but one has to wonder who will show up at this second-chance conference, at least from among those with any money to hand out. I can’t see the “climate debtors” putting up with a second round of this nonsense so soon after making fools of themselves at the first.

Maybe Evo will at least have free samples of coca paste for them.

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  2. Claudia says:

    Well, I think that he is not honest, he is just a very imaginative guy. He tells women he can’t marry because of… the right-wingers who are going to “attack him from that side”.
    But there will be people who believe that he is doing eveything because he is a very good guy who fights for poor guys… blablabla

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