Busy, busy…

Sorry for the lack of posts this last weekend, but it was hectic … and today looks no different. Hopefully, normal service can resume later today. Meanwhile, here are a couple of items to hold you over:

Power Line wonders if Great Britain is doomed. After all, in what sane country can a mother alone with her toddler be threatened with criminal charges for defending herself and her child against burglars and thieves? Oh, and then there’s that bit about home-grown jihadis plotting to kidnap and behead a British soldier. Not directly related, of course, but indicative of serious problems nonetheless.

Meanwhile, as global-warming alarmists assure us we’re all going to bake and broil, Fausta declares that the Ice Age is back.

See ya later!

One Response to Busy, busy…

  1. ribock says:

    Strange to say, a few years ago, David Suzuki and I were quite close colleagues in the media business. A pleasant, able fellow, but even then I had to list him in the “wet” category — in the Thatcher sense. I doubt there’s much chance of a friendly meeting for us in any near future.

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