It’s all the Jews’ fault

Let’s see. The Jews are behind a worldwide conspiracy, they murder people to steal their organs, they are the eternal enemies of the Muslims (according to Qur’an 5:82 ), and they have the power to cause earthquakes. So, it’s not surprising that they must be responsible for wife-beating by Palestinian Arabs.

What is surprising is that this garbage was printed in the once-respectable British medical journal, Lancet:

The Lancet researchers operated in exceedingly bad faith both academically and politically. For example, they write: “Occupation policies, including a separation barrier that is being erected in various parts of the West Bank, affect family connectedness, depriving women of regular contact with their families who might otherwise intervene to prevent intimate-partner violence.”

Palestinian, Arab, and Muslim families do not intervene when a husband is beating a wife. On the contrary. Both the husband’s family and the wife’s own family view this as a husband’s right or as a wife’s fault. These researchers have got to know that. Thus, they are playing to western naivete or ignorance about this by claiming the Israeli road blockades are stopping such imaginary, pro-woman family interventions.

The author, Phyllis Chesler, is an American Jewish feminist who is well-familiar with the miserable state of women in the Muslim world. She points out the political agenda and bias in the Lancet article, evident from the funding sources for the research, the lack of any consideration of domestic violence in Israeli homes that may be a result of war-stress, and the lack of any consideration of Arab-Muslim domestic violence in countries not “occupied” by the Israelis.

In passing Chesler connects this to the earlier, and now disgraced, Lancet study that exaggerated Iraqi casualties after the Anglo-American liberation, a report that had a clear political agenda. It seems this “domestic violence” article is likewise a piece of propaganda.

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