No, he wouldn’t. Would he?

Yes, he would.

Barack Obama wants to deny money to help 9-11 rescue workers who developed health problems because of what they were exposed to that day:

The Obama administration stunned New York’s delegation Thursday, dropping the bombshell news that it does not support funding the 9/11 health bill.

The state’s two senators and 14 House members met with Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius just hours before President Obama implored in his speech to the nation for Congress to come together and deliver a government that delivers on its promises to the American people.

So the legislators were floored to learn the Democratic administration does not want to deliver for the tens of thousands of people who sacrificed after 9/11, and the untold numbers now getting sick.

“I was stunned — and very disappointed,” said Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, who like most of the other legislators had expected more of a discussion on how to more forward.

“To say the least, I was flabbergasted,” said Staten Island Rep. Mike McMahon.

I can think of a lot worse words to use. But this is a family show, so I’ll restrain myself.

Dear Mr. President: You’re a JACKASS!!

You were willing to blow nearly $800 billion on a stimulus bill that was a monument to waste. You want to take over one-sixth of the American economy, a move opposed by nearly two-thirds of the nation, at a cost of … what is it these days, a trillion dollars? You have flushed down the toilet tens of billions on auto and mortgage bailout programs that have netted the Republic nothing. And that’s only in your first year!

But you can’t spare $11 billion over 30 years to help people who risked their own health to save others on the worst day this nation experienced since Pearl Harbor? This is how you choose to pretend you’re serious about fiscal restraint? On the backs of people who breathed in God knows how much asbestos and released chemicals from collapsing buildings?

You slimy, hypocritical punk.

Congratulations, Mr. President. You’ve just earned my heartfelt contempt.

I hope the voters of New York remember this in 2010 and 2012. I know I will.

You betcha.

(via Allahpundit)

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6 Responses to No, he wouldn’t. Would he?

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  2. Porkchop says:

    So clearly he’s not really for universal health care if he wants to restrict these health care funds, right?

    • Phineas Fahrquar says:

      There you go, using logic again. Don’t you know The Light Worker The One The Won is above such petty things?

    • deadcenter says:

      Oh no, he’s all for universal health care. And, he’s not above using anyone, including veterans and 9/11 responders as a club to beat on those that disagree with him. In his mindset, the ends justify the means .

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