Political ads go weird

February 4, 2010

Okay, this first is relatively normal, but it’s also pretty hard-hitting. It’s one thing to sling mud at your opponent, but how often have you seen the allies of one candidate call another a member of the Mafia?

Unless this is not unusual in Illinois?  I dont know

Next comes something I just didn’t expect: a near-lock on the Stupid Political Ad of the Year award by the Carly Fiorina US Senate campaign. I mean, is she trying to say that fiscal conservatives are all sheep waiting to be victimized by… demonsheep?

Fortunately, the DeVore campaign is on top of the Demonsheep threat.

Finally, I’m not sure why a race for coroner needs a TV ad, but, if I lived in New Orleans, I’d be tempted to vote for this guy:

Could have used a cameo by Elvira, however. Sex sells.

(via Baseball Crank)