We have all the best toys

Check out the Marines’ new Assault Breacher Vehicle:

Go ahead, Mr. Taliban: plant your IEDs, lay out your minefields, throw up your earthworks.

For all the good it will do.

3 Responses to We have all the best toys

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  2. archer52 says:

    Like I said, my step brother is back in Afghanistan, he is a combat engineer by trade. He was in Iraq in ’03 and volunteered to go back after a stint here as a DI and a recruiter. Word is he is in the offensive.

    What you are seeing is the difference between a socialist society and a capitalist society in its ability to develop and field new tech. We have the money. It still stuns the Taliban and the terrorist that we would field a million dollar UAV and shoot fifty thousand dollar missiles to kill two terrorists. They fought the Russians and never saw that kind of expenditure. Heck, we’ll shoot million dollar Tomahawks to kill camels and blow up tents. They knew understood what we are willing to do.

    That was their downfall.

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