The Saudi pedophile chronicles

Yet another example of the deep misogyny of Islamic society: fathers selling their pre-teen daughters as brides to middle-aged rapists husbands:

The Saudis really need to get an infomercial out there — and the Nation magazine and other leftist sites that apologize for Islamic gender apartheid can feature it on their webpages. It would go something like this:

A Saudi sheikh dressed slickly in Saudi garb would be sitting confidently in a chair, looking into the camera with an excited smile. He would then begin asking, with earnestness and an encouraging tone:

“Are you a pedophile? Do you like underage girls? Would you like to rape one of them — or several? And get away with it? Even have it legally sanctioned? Then Saudi Arabia is for you.”

The screen then shifts to a shopping mall filled with niqab-covered women (only the slit of the eyes showing) walking up and down in front of stores. It remains unclear what message this is supposed to denote, but the camera stays focused on these shrouded women for about ten seconds. Then a warning appears that all infidels who are interested must first convert to Islam. This is followed by a phone number appearing over a black background, indicating a contact person who can be reached. A voice then explains that this person lurks within the Saudi religious police and that he will connect interested parties to Saudi fathers intent on selling their underage girls into marriage — a standard practice in Saudi Arabia.

And yes, it’s religiously justified. Nauseating.

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  2. Abdullah says:

    With all respect to your opinion “I’d call opinion because it is not a fact” this is not true. Unfortunately, I kept seeing such stories in several blogs, then I started wondering, where did these people got their information from?? I mean I am a Muslim man from Saudi Arabia,I spent most of my life over there, but I have not heard something like this. Yes, there are some cases where girls get married in a young age, and by young I mean between 11 to 15 or 16, but those cases are strange for us as a Muslim Saudi community as it is strange for some other societies.

    • Phineas Fahrquar says:

      Hi Abdullah,

      Thanks for leaving a comment. Unfortunately, the problem is much more common than what you seem to think. So much so, that the Saudi Human Rights Commission, to its credit, it proposing raising the marriage age to 18. However, they’re still waiting for the King to propose the legislation. See:

  3. 0penm1nd says:

    Dear Sir,

    Most of the posts here are so biased it’s not even funny. In support of Israel please do not spread lies about Islam so the American people will continue to blindly support the nation.

    Every nation including the US and Israel has unsavoury characters. All religious books can take quotes out of contect. The Bible it self has incest carried out by Prophets.

    Of course this behavior isn’t to be condoned but please don’t try to bring down Islam to propogate your own beliefs.

    Islam and Judaism is over 95% the same. You have your own struggles between what’s written and how to implement this in this day and age.

    Why attack each other when we should be working together to eradicate poverty and injustice.


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