The Machiavellian Clintons?

Are Bill and Hillary (and their vassals) deliberately trying to bring down Barack Obama and the Left wing of the Democratic Party? Tom Bowler at Pajamas Media thinks so, and he presents an interesting argument based on an odd inconsistency in the behavior of Bill, himself, and the writings and urgings former (?) Clintonistas:

It’s bizarre. Why does President Obama insist upon driving public option health care legislation through Congress when voter opposition to it is at an all-time high?

Unhappiness with Obama and the other leading Democrats is so high that a national tea party movement has virtually brought the Republicans back from the electoral grave. The president’s job approval numbers have been in a year-long slide. In almost every election since he took office, Democrats have gotten trounced.

Yet he continues to push extraordinarily unpopular policies. Could it be the advice he’s been getting?

In the face of this disastrous performance by President Obama and the Democrats, the Clinton team has been actively advising that they keep doing what they’re doing. It’s as if Bill Clinton has just discovered that his beloved party is firmly in the clutches of the extreme left, and he’s decided to encourage their leaders to drive themselves into the proverbial ditch.

First there’s the behavior of the former President himself: in 1994, in the wake of a crushing defeat in the midterm elections grounded largely in the public’s rejection of his own administration’ statist health care plan, Bill tacked to the Right and became a moderately successful centrist president. Yet, when the public is again rejecting a statist takeover of health care, Clinton pushes his party’s now far-Left leaders to go to ramming speed.

Then there are the actions of former top aides to the Clintons. Lanny Davis, the former President’s “fixer” during his sex scandals, has laid the groundwork for attacking the Progressives and a return toward centrism. James Carville pushes the administration and the congressional leadership to continue blaming George W. Bush for everything, a tactic the public has grown tired of and something that diminishes the credibility of those who use it. Meanwhile, others echo Bill Clinton by urging the Democrats to pass the health-care bill, even by using reconciliation, even though all polls show the public hates the idea.

Cui bono? To whose benefit is this? Bowler argues that the Clintons are baiting their rivals into a trap, paving the way for Hillary to run for President in 2012, when she can present herself as the moderate, pragmatic savior of the party, rescuing it from the demagogic clutches of Obama, Pelosi, and the hard Left.

Bowler may be right, though it sounds like something out of a political thriller novel. But there’s no doubting that Lady Macbeth Hillary wants desperately to be President, and that Bill himself wants to return to the center of power. He is one of the great players of Survivor: Politics Island, and this could be his way of getting back into the game. And don’t forget the revenge angle: during the last campaign, Team Obama beat Bill Clinton, effectively playing the race card against him and neutralizing his efforts for Hillary. Encouraging the progressives’ worst instincts as they head for that cliff might well be his form of payback.

2 Responses to The Machiavellian Clintons?

  1. jj says:

    I think it is more than that. I think that whoever is really behind Obama (Soros?) realizes that Obama has not proven to be useful, and also that should Palin decide to run, Obama would not stand a chance. Hillary, on the other hand, could get a lot of votes and it would be woman vs. woman on the ticket. Obama may have already been told that he is on his way out, and therefore is “going for the gold” in an effort to redeem himself. Its the only thing that makes sense.

  2. archer52 says:

    Obama is a cardboard cutout propped up by the Chicago machine. Nancy is an ideologue who seems to really believe we should be a European state with her in charge. Harry is a scared man about to lose his job. He knows the system cannot be sustained. They all want the same thing but for different reasons. Obama’s people want the money (Soros, Goldman Sachs and many other billionaires, all set to make money off the medical field AND the new currency- Carbon Credits)

    If Obama cannot deliver, they may just lose interest in him. Clinton was yesterday’s golden boy. He was also thrown to the side once he became ineffective. His wife was his last chance and I think he was very upset to find Soros had hitched his wagon to another star. Clinton is a child. He’ll want revenge on someone. He’ll want them to apologize for not seeing that he truly was the new messiah.

    If healthcare goes south, there will be some serious “I drink your milkshake” going on.

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