If even Sweden doesn’t want to be like Sweden…

Why then are President Obama and his progressive statist allies trying to force the social-democratic model that Sweden embodies down our throats? A Swedish economist with the Center for Freedom and Prosperity explains how Sweden became prosperous, how it wrecked that prosperity, and what it is doing to regain it:

I’m tempted to write something like “President Obama, take note,” but The Won really isn’t interested; like all good statists, he knows what’s best for the rest of us, whether we like it or not.

(via Dan Mitchell)

One Response to If even Sweden doesn’t want to be like Sweden…

  1. Katie Stevens says:

    Have you ever heard Progressive talk show host Thom Hartmann? Sweden is his model for what life should be like here.

    Last week I heard him admit that he’s built up a retirement fund through investing in the stock market. He also has some precious metals in his portfolio. He emphasized that having precious metals like gold will be important if things here get more difficult.

    I never begrudge anyone what they make or how they invest and prosper. But what strikes me is the hypocrisy I’m slowly starting to realize comes from the Progressives. I do not hold the Conservatives to any idealistic vision either.

    But the point with Progressives that is alienating me more and more is that they approach solutions in the way misguided cultists do a false religion. I’ve been told to read up on Eric Hoffer “The True Believer” to understand what is going on.

    What frightens me about Progressives is that they really do not care at all about the people, especially the working poor, of which I’m one. We’re for the most part just props that the Champagne Socialists use for fodder at their healthcare horrorstory rallies and all that.

    They do not care about how all these taxes will affect the entire society. No, it’s all about their ideology and destroying what they perceive are the wicked enemies in corporate America.

    As someone on the other end of the spectrum I’m posting all this here so that you know that at least one member of the working poor does not want to be swept back into Medicaid if Obamacare passes. And please do not think that there are working poor who will dance and sing with glee because we’ll get a subsidy to pay for insurance.

    How much more uplifting to be purposefully employed, properly paid a living wage and enabled to contribute towards one own upkeep and the social system as well.

    thanks for putting up this clip. I’ll be sure to watch it.

    At some point we’ll all have to unite and put aside our political labels and revolt altogether. This is getting to be too, too much.

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