A damning silence?

Representative Joe Sestak (D-PA) has accused the Obama Adminstration of, in effect, offering him a bribe to drop his primary challenge to Senator Arlen Specter (D-R-D-PA). Reporters have repeatedly asked White House Press Secretary Gibbs for information and clarifications. Gibbs has dodged these questions in a way worthy of a Nixon staffer. Byron York recounts the tale so far and asks how long will Gibbs keep stonewalling?

Sestak’s charge is a serious one that could potentially involve criminal conduct on the part of someone in the administration. And Sestak, while not offering any new details, is standing by his story. “Something happened last July before I got in the race,” he said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program March 9. When he was asked about it on the radio program, Sestak continued, “I answered it honestly; I just said yes, but I didn’t go beyond that. And actually, Joe, I don’t think I should. That’s politics.” Just to clarify, Sestak said, of the radio interview, “They said to me, have you been offered a job not to get in the race, or to get in the race? And I said yes.”

Not only is the charge serious; Sestak himself, with his long career in the Navy before winning a seat in Congress, is a serious source. On March 8, at a health care event in Pennsylvania, President Obama referred to Sestak as “somebody who rendered outstanding service to our nation before he was in Congress.”

And yet, after an initial denial, the White House spokesman hasn’t been able to muster any comment on the allegation. Gibbs has not repeated the denial, hasn’t issued a new one, and has now dropped any pretense of checking on the story. How long will the Sestak Stonewall continue?

Between this and the long-simmering Inspectors-General scandal alone, there are more than a few political IEDs that could blow up on the administration before November.

RELATED: Politico reports on questions posed to White House Counsel Robert Bauer by Congressman Darrell Issa of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee regarding Sestak’s accusation.

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UPDATE II: Ed Morrissey thinks this won’t go anywhere legally (and I think he’s right), but that it could be important politically.

4 Responses to A damning silence?

  1. noh8 says:

    Backroom deals have been going on since 1776.

  2. archer52 says:

    It will not go anywhere. Forget living in a normal political environment. These people running the show, the radical left, believe the ends justify the means. Think Mao.

    No rules will apply, no decency will apply, no sense of law or duty will apply. They have no conscience and only a loyalty to the ideal of total control over us, with them on top.

    I spent over twenty years in police work. One of the biggest hurdles I saw was decent young men and women coming into the job with pink colored glasses perched upon their noses. They wanted to believe there was some sense to all humans. Something decent in even the worst among us. I watched as reality beat them into hamburger over this. Again and again they would come to me stunned at the brutality, the horror one person would visit upon another. I tried to explain to them that certain people are simply broken from birth. They have demons in their heads, so to speak. The switches in your brain that flip when you are born that makes it hard to kill another human, show compassion, understand right and wrong, simply don’t get flipped in some people, ever. A lot of these people look normal, but they are not. They may act normal, but their sole purpose in life is to serve themselves and their needs. Some become criminals, some become politicians. Many of those gravitate towards the left because morals are usually not required there.

    To even care that they have committed another offense in order to get their way is a waste of energy. It is who they are. Remember the fable of the scorpion and the fox, and the moral of that story.


    Often when I see decent people point to the immoral and say, “Look, LOOK, they are doing it again!” I want to just yell at them “Of course they are! They’re criminals!”

    Complaining about Obama’s crew offering a job as a payoff is like complaining Ted Bundy stole a Snickers from a 7-11 after being accused of raping and murdering 36 women.

    Of course he did.

    Here is the question I asked over at Redstate. At what point is a citizenry required to resist the efforts of a government that has broken the trust between them? I’m going post the exchange later. But the central issue is this- The only way a free society functions is if BOTH sides follow the rules. If one side stops, what does the other side do, what is required of that other side?

    We are definitely suffering that Chinese curse. “May you live in interesting times.”

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