How ObamaCare will shaft the middle-class

Quote of the day, from Scott Gottlieb:

The hardest hit won’t be those earning more than $250,000 a year–the group that he [Obama] says needs to “pay their fair share.” Rather, it’s families whose combined annual income is around $100,000 who could be crushed under this plan.

These folks will be too “rich” to qualify for ObamaCare’s subsidies, but probably too poor to easily afford the pricey insurance that the president’s plan forces them to buy.

Many of these $100K families will be obliged to buy a policy costing an average of $14,700 for the mid-level, “silver” health plan, according to the Congressional Budget Office’s estimates. After income taxes, they’ll be spending almost a quarter of their net income for health insurance.

Be sure to read the rest, and then call your congresscritter’s office.

(via Obi’s Sister, Potluck,  and NRO, in that order.)

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