The jihad targets children, too

Remember the horror of the Beslan massacre, which started when Islamic “holy warriors” took over a Russian school and ended with over 300 death, 186 of them children?

They’ve tried again, this time in Azerbaijan:

Azerbaijan’s National Security Ministry said police had arrested eight members of an “organised criminal group, crossing illegally from Georgia into Azerbaijan with the aim of carrying out terrorist acts.”

A ministry statement said seven were Azeris, including three women, and the eighth was from Russia’s southern Chechnya republic.

It said the group had earlier concealed weapons and ammunition in the roof of a kindergarten and a school in the capital Baku and planned to attack both. The suspected ringleader is still at large, it added.

And yet we’re to believe Islam is a religion of peace.

RELATED: The attacks in Moscow yesterday were indeed carried out by al Qaeda-affiliated suicide bombers, in this case the notorious Black Widows.

(via Jihad Watch)

2 Responses to The jihad targets children, too

  1. karateka says:

    Islam can be a religion of war, and it can be a religion of peace. It seems that the political powers have used it as a tool to incite war, not necessary the religious teachings which could be interpreted many ways. I think the big problem is the power-hungry people manipulating the religion to serve their own evil ends.

    On a side note, be sure to fire a shot in the race war when you fill out your census. Put in as many races as you can (see )It is a good way to stop the official imposition of racism.

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