UK: global warming nuttiness as official policy

It’s reasonable for the state to mandate basic measures to protect people in the workplace from unsafe conditions: wearing safety goggles in a machine shop or a hard-hat at a construction site, for example.

But what about workplace safety rules for a problem that doesn’t exist?

Climate change is the new health and safety

All public bodies should have a legal duty to protect their workers from climate change in the same way as institutions currently carry out health and safety checks, according to the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution.

The body set up to warn Government about the risk of environmental disasters said climate change will cause floods, droughts and heatwaves in future.

In a key report on ‘Adapting Institutions to Climate Change’ the committee of experts recommended that every school, hosptial and business should have a legal duty to adapt to climate change. For example by putting in place flood defences and plans for water shortages.

Sir John Lawton, Chairman of the Royal Commission, said global warming is a real risk and could cause huge problems for Britain.

He said all businesses and public bodies should have to carry out a “climate change adaptation test” in the same way as they currently conduct health and safety checks.

The laugh-while-you-cry statement was this:

But Sir John said that adapting to climate change will not cost organisations extra money or add bureaucracy.

And if you believe that one….

Workplace safety rules exist for a couple of reasons. The first is simply to protect the employee from employers who don’t take safety seriously, or who don’t themselves. The other is to save society the cost of the lost productivity of the injured worker, and perhaps the expense born by the community to support him while he can’t work. (Whether through the dole or insurance payments, the costs of which are borne by premium-payers.)

But, if we’ve had hard evidence of anything climate related in the last few years, it’s that the anthropogenic/carbon-dioxide model of climate change is highly questionable, and that the computer models and data the alarmists use are worthless.

But try telling that to government bureaucrats determined to keep Britain from becoming a heat-ravaged desert. Does this look like a desert to you?

And that was just last winter. Like the US, Great Britain needs to create jobs now, not impose additional costs on businesses and thus discourage them from hiring by forcing them to guard against a Green phantom.

Lord, save us from those trying to save us.  Praying

(via Heliogenic Climate Change)

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