Small businesses hurt by ObamaCare

I’ve joked among friends about the tax on salon tans included in ObamaCare, but, to the small businesses that comprise much of the tanning business, losing another ten-percent of their income during a severe recession, when customers are cutting back, is no joke. KHAS-TV of Nebraska presented this report:

People are already cutting back on their spending and, unless you’re George Hamilton, tanning is a luxury that can be cut. For tanning salons, this new tax will mean even less income, leading to letting employees go or, for some, going out of business altogether.

The very real costs of ObamaCare are a story that is already playing out in large businesses and small, and, no matter how much they try to suppress it, the thugocracy cannot keep the people in the dark. There are too many sources of information, the effects will be too widespread, and everyone will know who did this to them.

And they’ll remember in November.

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