Government unions vs. the taxpayers

Larry Kudlow talks to Dan Mitchell about the startling disparity between compensation in the public vs. the private sectors:

4 Responses to Government unions vs. the taxpayers

  1. Porkchop says:

    Does he always shout like that?

    More government jobs usually means more union jobs, and union jobs (as you are keenly aware) pay better, though a chunk of that pay actually goes to the union.

    I watched it twice: are they advocating that everybody should be paid less? Or just government workers? That wasn’t really clear. I’m not sure depressing wages across America is a good goal for a healthy economy.

    In Mass, we have more problems with political patronage:

    For example, a Patrick supporter was paid off with a job that had been unfilled for years, he filled a vacant chief of staff position that had no staff for six months, and crap like that for $100k+ salaries.

    • Phineas Fahrquar says:

      Does he always shout like that?

      From the times I’ve seen Kudlow, that seems to be his speaking style. Hopefully, he’s not like that over the dinner table.

      I’m not sure what one does about out-of-whack public sector wages, but I do know the overly-generous pension burden is sinking several states.

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