Global warming, the disaster movie?

Why not? In addition to baking the Earth (except it’s getting cooler), raising the seas (except they’re not), and killing the polar bears (except they’re flourishing), global warming also causes volcanoes to erupt:

A thaw of Iceland’s ice caps in coming decades caused by climate change may trigger more volcanic eruptions by removing a vast weight and freeing magma from deep below ground, scientists said on Friday.

They said there was no sign that the current eruption from below the Eyjafjallajokull glacier that has paralysed flights over northern Europe was linked to global warming. The glacier is too small and light to affect local geology.

“Our work suggests that eventually there will be either somewhat larger eruptions or more frequent eruptions in Iceland in coming decades,” said Freysteinn Sigmundsson, a vulcanologist at the University of Iceland.

“Global warming melts ice and this can influence magmatic systems,” he told Reuters. The end of the Ice Age 10,000 years ago coincided with a surge in volcanic activity in Iceland, apparently because huge ice caps thinned and the land rose.

We believe the reduction of ice has not been important in triggering this latest eruption,” he said of Eyjafjallajokull. “The eruption is happening under a relatively small ice cap.”

In other words:

“Global warming isn’t in play here, but we’re taking this opportunity to scare you into agreeing to all the harebrained, economy-killing measures the UN, the IPCC, and delusional national governments can think up to deal with a problem that does not exist. Thank you.”

As a commenter at Watts Up With That? pointed out, if the magma chamber is so close to the surface as to be affected by a glacier, then it’s already itself melting the glacier, no CO2 needed.

Next thing you know, global warming will be blamed for stock-market crashes.

RELATED: In fact, undersea volcanoes may explain the calving of huge glaciers in the Antarctic peninsula, while the rest of the Antarctic ice sheet is expanding. It’s also a possible reason for the receding Arctic ice, though that’s expanded again in recent years. Again, no AGW bugbear required.

LINKS: More from the ever-restrained and temperate James Delingpole.

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    • Kyle says:

      Funny thing is volcanoes were a lot worse in the dinosaur era then today.

      This world is a LOT tamer place.

  2. Kyle says:

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    Here is what you need to know:

    In the 90s Al Gore and a group of scientists believed that mankind has been causing CO2 to change climate harming animals and altering weather patterns leading to sky high sea levels and monster heatwaves reducing earth to a fireball by theyear 2100 if nothing was done!

    Now other scientists have discovered where the melting was occuring that there are these massive ridges of volcanoes going off and if you payed attention in school you will learn that icebergs are bigger at the bottom then at top so all the warm water goes around these giant icebergs creating these strange *hot spots* anomalies leading to a much thinner ice pack then a decade ago!

    Now YOU can go underwater and plug up these nasty vents!

    All you need is this anti magma Tritanium alloy plug that will fit on top of any volcano.

    First measure the size and type of the volcano so we can order you the right plug and if the plug doesn’t fit you can send it back for a new one absolutely free!

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