Riot police called out to crush dangerous right-wing extremists!

It was horrible. Our savior, President Obama Lightworker, was visiting Quincy, Illinois, to reinforce that feeling of hope and change among the desperate people of western Illinois, when he was confronted by a vicious mob of racist, hate-filled Tea Partiers! Quincy authorities did what they had to do to protect the President from a mortal threat, sending the riot squad to contain hordes of savage little old ladies who…. Wait a minute…

Little old ladies?

Yeah, they look plenty violent to me. Nailbiting

Jim Hoft has the story and more pictures.

Methinks the Quincy PD beclowned itself.  Clown

LINKS: And Allahpundit has glorious video.

7 Responses to Riot police called out to crush dangerous right-wing extremists!

  1. Porkchop says:

    Never trust anyone over 30.

    Holt had the same video, FWIW, at the bottom of his story. Dunno if he added it later or what. A couple of those SWAT team members seemed a little short for storm troopers. It is a lot better to run out those outfits at this time of year: can you imagine how hot that outfit must be in the summer in Illinois?

    • Phineas Fahrquar says:

      Oh, I must’ve missed the video at the bottom. And I don’t even want to think about those suits in Midwest humidity.

      But, it’s a good thing they were there. Otherwise, a Bingo game might have broken out.

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  3. flagheldstrong says:

    Those little old ladies with American flags pose an unbelievable threat!

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