ObamaCare: the value of your life

This is how a death panel works. In Britain, a man is denied life-extending medicine by the National Health Service because his case wasn’t exceptional:

A CANCER patient has been denied NHS funding for a new cancer drug which could add years to his life.

It means that health specialists will be unable to prescribe Everolimus, which costs about £40,000 a year and can extend lives by up to two years.

Doctors treating Graeme Johnstone, 54, from Middleton St George, near Darlington applied to the local primary care trust for funding for the drug. But NHS County Durham and Darlington rejected the request.

Fully licensed, and widely available in France and Canada, Everolimus, also known as Affinitor, has a proven track record. But so far it is not being made available through the NHS after the body which vets new drugs – the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (Nice) – decided not to recommend it.

Controversially, Nice uses a formula which calculates whether life-extending drugs represent good value for money.

And just what were they valuing against the cost of the drug Mr. Johnstone wants? Could it be the gentleman’s very life?

Makes you want to run out and apply for British citizenship, doesn’t it?

It’s as sure a thing as the sun rising in the East in the morning: a nationalized health system in which the government determines the price paid for everything inevitably becomes a system in which care is rationed and denied to save money.

Behold the brave new world under ObamaCare.

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3 Responses to ObamaCare: the value of your life

  1. Porkchop says:

    Under the current US system people run into these kinds of denials all the time, especially on expensive drugs like that. Many many many policies have a lifetime cap on how much they’ll spend to keep you alive. One of the changes in Obamacare is that it removes the lifetime payment cap on insurance, so that if this guy was covered by Obamacare, he probably would have gotten the drug.

    So now that you know that, you’ll be a supporter of Obamacare, right?

  2. Porkchop says:

    Here’s a summary of what’s in the law:


    Here’s the particulars:

    “Health care plans cannot impose lifetime limits or impose unreasonable annual limits.”

    The problematic part there is defining “unreasonable.”

    “Health care companies can no longer rescind coverage except in cases of fraud or misrepresentation.”

    Also, in the specific case you cited, the drug in question would have been secondary to the patient, only to kick in if the drug he was using now stopped working. There’s no through-line there of him dropping dead because Nice (nice name, by the way) wouldn’t cough up the dough.

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