David Brooks has a problem with democracy

Really, now. How dare those peasants in Utah refuse to renominate Senator Bob Bennett, just because he didn’t vote the way they liked? Don’t they know their place?

This is a damn outrage, to be honest. This is a guy who was a good Senator and he was a good Senator and a good conservative, but a good conservative who was trying to get things done. The Wyden-Bennett bill, which he co-sponsored — if you took the health care economists in the country, they would probably be for that bill, ideally. It was a substantive, serious bill, a bipartisan bill, with strong conservative and some liberal support. So he did something sort of brave by working with Democrats which more Senators should do and now they’ve been sent a message to him don’t do that.

The second thing is the TARP. Nobody liked the TARP. But we were in a complete economic meltdown and sometimes you have to do terrible things. And we’re in a much better economic place because of the TARP. So he bravely cast a vote that nobody wanted to really cast and now he’s losing his career over that. And it’s just a damn outrage.

Uh, David, old boy? Brooks is a senator from Utah. That means he’s supposed to represent the interests and desires of the people of Utah while tending to national matters. He was also seeking the Republican nomination; to do so generally means you have to convince the party faithful you represent their beliefs and interests. (And in Utah, Republicans and general-election voters largely overlap.) He failed to do the latter, so he was dropped from consideration for the nomination. How is that anti-democratic? How is it a coup? How is it an outrage?

The essence of what you’re saying is “Bennett knows better than you what is good for the nation, you flyover-country bumpkins! So sit down, shut up, and vote as your superiors tell you!

David Brooks is nothing but an effete pseudo-intellectual and cocktail conservative who spends his time getting felt up by senators and contemplating Obama’s pant-crease. And now we know he doesn’t much like democracy, either.

Somehow, I sense an Iowahawk essay by T. Coddington van Voorhees VII coming soon….

(via Allah Pundit)

PS: I would have voted reluctantly for TARP, too, as it was originally presented: a plan to buy the toxic mortgages off the market, because the government helped create them (and the problem) in the first place. But, after passage, the money seemed to be used for anything but. Unlike Brooks, apparently, I would expect the voters to hold me responsible for my vote.

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3 Responses to David Brooks has a problem with democracy

  1. Porkchop says:

    At least Bennett didn’t then turn around and decide to run as an independent like Crist did.

    You don’t think this (and Crist’s) problems foreshadow future problems (ie fratricidal infighting) for the Republican Party? I thought the Lieberman fiasco indicated that the Democratic Party was eating itself alive, but now it looks like both parties are doing it, though the GOP more lately. Add these up with the hysteria over Palin’s endorsement of CF and what does it tell you?

    • Phineas Fahrquar says:

      I dunno. After the 2004 election, I thought the Democrats were on their way to follow the Whigs and Federalists into self-destruction. Obviously, they settled things and came back strong, instead. Now I’m more inclined to see the latest intra-party squabbling as a further episode in a political redefinition and realignment that’s been going on since Reagan made small-government conservatism respectable again: the Republicans are becoming more and more of a small-government, free-market party as the old guard is replaced, while the Democrats are evolving toward full-blown European Social Democracy with the aging New Left in charge. It’s gone in fits and starts, but these last few years seem to be a time of faster evolution.

      Let me ask you: tonight a Democratic challenger unseated long-term incumbent Rep. Allan Mollohan in for the party nomination in West Virginia, and a large part of his win came from criticizing Pelosi. (It didn’t hurt that Mollohan is corrupt as hell, too.) Healthy democracy in action, or fratricide?

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