Scary: deficits, debts and unfunded liabilities

In this Center for Freedom and Prosperity video, Kelly McDonough gives a primer in the problems we face not just from deficit spending and public debt, but the horrendous amount of unfunded future liabilities (such as Social Security and Medicare) Washington has burdened us with:

Excuse while I crawl under my blanket to hide. Nailbiting

One Response to Scary: deficits, debts and unfunded liabilities

  1. Porkchop says:

    I was a little surprised they reversed their clothing trend, though. Based on the previous videos, I was sure she’d be in a bikini top by this one.

    It is odd that they focused on mandatory spending items, and not discretionary ones. The biggest budget item we could actually cut is Defense.

    Here’s a fascinating analysis from the Daily Show which addresses an underlying problem:

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