It’s draw Muhammad day!

My favorite new holiday of the year!

For background and a reason why.

And, since I can’t draw worth a tinker’s cuss, enjoy instead the most famous of the Dread Muhammad Cartoons of Blasphemy:

While he (or she?) largely oversimplifies the intellectual history of the West, I totally agree with Zombie in the sentiment.

Oh, and Muhammad’s favorite wife was six when they married, nine when he consummated that marriage. Let’s see, that makes him a… Hmm, gotta think about this… Oh, yeah! That makes Muhammad a pedophile!

Do I finally get a fatwa?

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5 Responses to It’s draw Muhammad day!

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  2. seanrude says:

    I cannot draw. I made a collage with some items around my apartment and photographed it. Mohammed’s turban is a dishrag that was used this morning to wipe up some bacon grease. The glasses are US Navy issue aviator glasses. Mohammed’s beard is my dirty, stinky, $h!tstained underwear. For an unartistic, uncreative guy, I think I did well.

  3. Hugo says:

    “Whosoever blasphemes the Father shall be forgiven. Whosever blasphemes the Son shall be forgiven. Yet, whosoever blasphemes the Holy Spirit among you, shall never be forgiven.”. –Matthew’s Gospel

    “He has blasphemed the Prophet, and must pay the price.”–Yusef Islam (Cat Stevens) on the occasion of the Ayatollah Khomeini’s fatwah contra Salmon Rushdie

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