On the Gaza flotilla incident

I haven’t much to say about the Israeli seizure of a “humanitarian aid” boat that climaxed with the deaths of several “peaceful aid workers” (read as much sarcasm into that as you would like), but I will note a few things:

Roger Kimball, who pretty much covers my feelings in the matter, provides a ready-made explanation that even EU foreign ministers should understand:

  1. Israel (and Egypt) decided some time ago to blockade the Gaza strip because the Palestinians could not break their unfortunate habit of launching rocket attacks against Israel.
  2. On May 31, the six-ship “freedom flotilla” approaches the Gaza bloackade. The Israeli Navy repeatedly warns the ships to turn back or divert to the port of Ashod where their cargo can be inspected.
  3. Those commanding the ships ignore the order.
  4. After further warnings, Israeli commandos board the ships from helicopters. The commandos are instantly set upon by Palestinian “peace activists” who beat them with metal clubs and other objects.
  5. The Israelis, in self-defense, shoot several of those threatening them.
  6. The firefight being over, the Israelis arrest nearly 600 “peace activists” who refuse to identify themselves.

He also has a couple of interesting videos.

Given the support shown by the Islamic-supremacist Turkish government for a convoy organized by a group with known jihad-terror connections, maybe it’s time we began to reevaluate our ties to Turkey.

Power Line has good coverage here, here, and here.

ADDENDUM: Israel’s Foreign Ministry has a good background paper on the international law concerning the Gaza blockade and the interception of the convoy. Also, see this one on the amount of genuine aid the Israelis let through the Gaza border checkpoints. Had the organizers truly been interested in getting aid to Gaza, they could have stopped at an Israeli port and shipped the goods from there – as the Israelis had offered. But that wasn’t what they were after, their real goal being the opening of a maritime corridor for Hamas to smuggle weapons through. Remember the Karine-A?

UPDATE: Joel Pollak looks at “Israel, the Truth and the Asymmetric Warfare Of Embedded Journalism.”

5 Responses to On the Gaza flotilla incident

  1. Porkchop says:

    I haven’t read a lot about this, but I still don’t understand why they landed marines on the ship at all without first clearing the decks. In the US ops I’m familiar with (mostly drug interdiction and anti-piracy) they use water cannon if the ship crew doesn’t shoot at them first. The top article you point to says they were expecting more peaceful resistance? Sure, but water cannon them first 😉

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  3. MadAlfred says:

    Given the quick and rabid condemnation the Israelis received by essentially playing nice, I don’t think things could get any worse if the Israelis simply torpedoed the boat after its warnings had no effect.

    If torpedoed, I doubt the Turks would be considering another run.

    • Phineas Fahrquar says:

      At least your way would have the benefit of sending an unequivocal message. 🙂

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