Interview with Marco Rubio

Ed Morrissey does a wide-ranging and interesting interview with Marco Rubio, the Republican nominee-presumptive in the Florida senate race. Rubio was in Minnesota for a fund-raiser hosted by Governor Tim Pawlenty:

LINKS: An interview from a few months ago with National Review. Rubio was also interviewed by Power Line. The video hasn’t been posted yet, but John Hinderaker writes about his impressions of Marco.

One Response to Interview with Marco Rubio

  1. MiamiJane says:

    Florida Resident on the 10th Amendment

    It appears that Mr. Rubio is soft on Amendment 10 (powers of the states)? How does this fit with his ideology? A hopeful country of conservatives are vesting so much confidence in this guy. I think the hopefuls may have found candidate. If you can’t support #10, then you can’t call yourself a conservative! The INS, MMS, FDA, EPA, FTC (and the ABCDEFG) does not work very well at the federal level.

    So, what? You’re going to go to Washington because you know what we need here in Florida? What we need in Florida is less Washington, as provided by Amendment #10.

    Many South Floridians don’t much care for Rubio. We are a bit more familiar with his dirty deals when he was Speaker of the House. He did a lot of damage in South Florida and we are still hurting from it. I think those deals were the price to pay for getting a ticket to play on a larger stage.

    He’s an empty promise. We can’t afford that now.


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