No mosque at Ground Zero

The great Pat Condell with words for Americans on the prospect of a mosque being built just yards from where Muslim jihadists killed thousands of our people in 2001:

I admit this is a difficult issue for me, since, as an American, anything that smacks of abridging freedom of religious expression gets greeted with great skepticism. As it should.  And yet, this case is different: a mosque is a symbol of Islamic domination and, per sharia law, becomes a permanent possession of the Islamic ummah, or community. It is no longer American soil, but part of the Dar ul-Islam, the House of Submission.  This is as much a part of Islamic law as the call to jihad, that same called that resulted in so many deaths on 9-11.

I’ll have more to say about this some other day, but, for now, I think the mosque should be blocked. It’s not an act of “reaching out” or “building cultural ties.” No, by placing it at the site of Islam’s “great victory,” it’s an act of conquest and domination – of cultural jihad.

RELATED: (via Hot Air) By the way, did you know that the imam of this proposed mosque, Feisal Abdul Rauf, belongs to a group that is the largest donor to the group that organized the Gaza “aid” flotilla? What a coincidence. Hmmm…  Thinking

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  1. MadAlfred says:

    Quite frankly, I have no problem as an American saying that Ground Zero where so many lost their lives in a horrendous and unwarranted attack is off-limits to any mosque. I also believe that politicians who believe multi-culturalism should trump American culture (President Waffles comes to mind) should be voted out of office.

  2. Craig Horning says:

    Gotta go with Pat here. Like you, I worry about anything that threatens religious freedom. However, no one is telling Muslims they can’t build a mosque. But since they can build one ANYWHERE else, and this is the ONE PLACE where it might not be appropriate, I don’t have a problem saying no to this project. Let’s face it: if the KKK decided to set up their local HQ across the street from the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, people would have a problem with it, and rightly so. The subtitle of your blog references common sense; the US politicians who support this project obviously have none.

  3. Ira says:

    I am ashamed to be an American. I totally agree with Pat 100%!!

    islam is not a religion it is a cult just like the nazi’s were. And if you notice, I refuse to use capital letters in any word that has to do with these evil assholes.

    I have read the quran/kuran and I urge every REAL AMERICAN to pickup a copy and read the evils of islam. This cult has nothing to do with pece, love and helping to make a better life for all people. It is a self arrogant piece of garbage based on the killing and distruction of anyone that does not believe as these assholes do. And that is a fact. I urge every person to read this book and then you will understand the true muslim and what they are all about.

    Like thy Neighbor, Love thy enemy. In this case, Love islam. If you know what I mean!!

    Liberty and AMERICAN rights should be for people that were born and raised here the AMERICAN way. We can long longer afford financially or our security the admittance of anyone from Europe. The borders must be secured and anyone trying to get in here must be thrown in jail.

    I do not want any of my tax dollars going to any illegal immigrant. No food, no health insurance, NOTHING!! Stay in yoru own stinkin country and leave us REAL AMERICANS alone.

    islam will not take over America. It may build it’s stupid silly mosques but this evil cult(like the nazi’s and white supremise and KKK) will never ever take this country over because there are many more of us REAL AMERICANS than there are of you asshole muslims. And we are having more and more babies every minute and you will never catch up to us.

    We will eventually defeat and destroy you.

    This was once a great country and it can be that way again of us REAL AMERICANS can get some brass balls together and say NO!

    No to islam
    No to the building of any mosque
    No to a cult of evil

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  6. Sam Singh says:

    You are very much right IRA!

  7. A Henneberry says:

    Can we build a huge cathedral and a huge synagogue at ground zero?

  8. hanna says:

    Where is the common sense people? When did it become racist to call a thief a thief and a lier a lier if it’s true but the guy happens to be black? (obama)We are being to suspend our judgements should the person be black or mexican or muslim and they transgress the laws of the land or conduct themselves corruptly.How did we americans reach this point 10 years after 911 that now we are racists in discouraging a mosque at ground z.Intolerant? And if one thinks about it wrong to be tolerant of those who are intolant against us? This mosque and it’s supporter’s are intolant of our feelings..of our faith..of our practices.In fact muslims have a godgiven duty to kill those who refuse their allah. Its clearly written in their koran as well as decieving the ‘unbeleiver’ if it advances their agenda. This mosque is a polital statement of victory. The iman calls it a bridge.. A bridge? It has already created so much turmoil and dissention and anger. Has any seen the monument in shankville penn? Take a look. What in the world is a cresent doing on a site where americans were killed by terrorists??!! Yes we must be tolerant of other religons but not at the expense of losing our right to practice our faith freely.

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