When is 140 less than nine?

When it’s 140 Muslims killed by Chinese police, as opposed to nine killed by Israeli soldiers on the Gaza flotilla. In the latter case, the world’s reaction has been to scream outrage at the Israelis. The UN demands an investigation. Even the US is stabbing its ally creating distance between itself and Israel.

And the reaction to the deaths of 14 times that number at the hands of the Chinese police? Why, I believe I can hear the proverbial pin drop.

So, what’s the difference? Why are nine lives worthy of more outrage than 140? Could the deciding factor be that they were killed by Jews?

Nah. Couldn’t be.

3 Responses to When is 140 less than nine?

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  2. MadAlfred says:

    The UN Human Rights Commission is a joke. We should withdraw from that organization (we certainly haven’t had any positive impact since Waffles decided that we should take a seat there). I would even favor kicking the UN out of NY and leave the modern-day League of Nations. Let Tehran or Moscow give the UN a home.

  3. Craig Horning says:

    Yeah! Let the UN go to Germany… or Poland! Oops…

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