Palin takes a step toward a 2012 run?

Maybe. It could just be that she wants to visit Margaret Thatcher in order to meet someone she admires, much as any of us would want to meet one of our heroes:

Controversial US politician Sarah Palin could soon be on her way to Britain to boost her hopes of challenging Barack Obama in the 2012 US presidential election.

Her representatives approached Margaret Thatcher to ask for a meeting as part of a bid to enhance her claim to be the ‘heir to Ronald Reagan’ and prepare to challenge Mr Obama.

And Lady Thatcher has agreed to see Mrs Palin, who stood as the Republican vice-presidential candidate in 2008. A spokesman said: ‘We had an informal approach asking if Lady Thatcher would meet Mrs Palin if she comes to Britain and we said yes.’

On the other hand, meeting Thatcher, an admired figure among conservatives in the US for her role in winning the Cold War, would also be a move anyone planning to claim the mantle of President Reagan and run for the Republican nomination would want to do. A few complimentary words from the former Prime Minister would do a lot to boost the former governor’s standing.

Sarah Palin may not have made up her mind, but I’d say this is certainly laying some groundwork, “just in case.”

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