And now, Big Peace

Andrew Breitbart has shaken up the Internet and the mainstream media and government elites with his family of “Big” sites: Big Hollywood, focusing on entertainment and culture; Big Journalism, which turns a spotlight on the news media itself; and Big Government, which keeps tabs on the doings of our national government. Each is a group blog, in which various writers offer opinions from an unvarnished and unashamed Center-Right, pro-American point of view.

And they’ve had their effects in the broader world: from revealing the Obama Administration’s attempts to turn the National Endowment for the Arts into a propaganda organ, to exposing the criminal nature of ACORN and the perverse agenda of the administration’s “safe schools” czar, the Big sites have provided conservatives with some heavy artillery in the battle over our nation’s direction.

And now comes the fourth site, Big Peace, dedicated to national security issues and peace through strength (something dear to my heart).  As editor-in-chief Peter Schweizer explains:

We are launching Big Peace on the 4th of July because we happen to believe that America is the last and best hope for mankind.

We are launching Big Peace on the 4th of July because we believe that freedom is an essential ingredient and condition for peace.

We are lauching Big Peace on the 4th of July because the American spirit of independence and fight,  exhibited by our soldiers, is what ultimately keeps us safe.

And we are launching Big Peace on the 4th of July to celebrate the ideas of freedom and liberty, which are embraced by so many others around the world.  The word “peace” has been hijacked by those who don’t believe in peace, but rather believe in appeasement.  We intend to take it back.  Peace comes from strength.  Peace comes from freedom.  More people were killed in the 20th century by their own governments than due to any war.  Peace is a word devoid of meaning unless it includes liberty.

There’s a story about a guy who goes into a bar and when the fists and chairs start flying asks, “Is this a private fight, or can anyone join?”

When it comes to protecting freedom around the world and keeping America strong–it’s not a private fight.

Be sure to add Big Peace to your bookmarks and feed readers.

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  2. hoboduke says:

    Thanks for the resource to keep our vigilance.

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