Shocker: Muslim groups cry wolf about “Islamophobic crime”

Both the Council on American-Islamic Relations and the Islamic Circle of North America screamed that an arson attack against a mosque in Georgia was an anti-Islamic hate crime, and CAIR even demanded a federal investigation.

One problem: the fire was set by a Muslim.

Ooops. Makes it kind of hard to gin up outrageous outrage and play the victim card, doesn’t it?

(via Jihad Watch)

UPDATE: More at Big Peace.

EDIT: Updated the headline, since the two groups were jumping the gun, not directly lying, though ICNA still has a press release up implying this was an Islamophobic hate crime and making no mention of the fact that a Muslim has been charged for the arson.

2 Responses to Shocker: Muslim groups cry wolf about “Islamophobic crime”

  1. MadAlfred says:

    The reflex of these Muslim groups to cry racism (are Muslims now a race?) is such that they cannot wait to get the facts straight. Morons.

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