Tell me again why we give the UN any money?

Just when you think that body couldn’t be any more useless and corrupt, they do something like this:

UN Fails to Condemn North Korea for Killing Over 40 South Korean Sailors

When the results of the international investigation into the sinking of the South Korean ship the Cheonan were released in May, the U.S. State Department was adamant that it believed North Korea was responsible — and that the country would have to face some actual punishment for killing 46 innocent South Korea sailors.

“I think it is important to send a clear message to North Korea that provocative actions have consequences,” Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said May 21 while visiting her Japanese counterpart in Tokyo.

Fast forward to today, when the United Nations released a presidential statement which not only does not specify any consequences for the Kim Jong Il regime, but doesn’t even conclude that North Korea was responsible for the attack in the first place.

The statement acknowledges that the South Korean investigation, which included broad international participation, blamed North Korea, and then “takes note of the responses from other relevant parties, including from the DPRK, which has stated that it had nothing to do with the incident.”

“Therefore, the Security Council condemns the attack which led to the sinking of the Cheonan,” the statement reads.

Isn’t diplomacy-speak wonderful? Not only does the UN issue the weakest form of statement, the “presidential statement,” but it can’t even name the party behind the attack. I bet the families of those 40 dead sailors feel oh-so-comforted, knowing Turtle Bay has their backs.

As Daniel Halper asks,

“…how long did it take for the UN to issue a condemnation of Israel’s action against pro-terrorist flotilla members?”

A perfectly legal action, bear in mind, as opposed to North Korea’s act of war.

Tell me again, does the United Nations do any good, and is there any reason for us to remain a part of it?

Really, just try to convince me. I love fantasy stories.

(via Jeff Emanuel)

5 Responses to Tell me again why we give the UN any money?

  1. Porkchop says:

    “Tell me again why we give the UN any money?”

    Do we? Light Googling reveals no solid info about how much (if any) money the US actually gives to the UN. The best I could find was a $100M payment back in 1999.

    The UN page on this is either reassuring or hilarious, depending on your ability to read spin:

    • Phineas Fahrquar says:

      Last I knew we supplied about 20% of the UN’s budget, though that figure may have gone down. We’ve also occasionally withheld our dues to force a (pathetically) few reforms.

  2. MadAlfred says:

    Quite frankly, I am in favor of relocating the UN to Caracas or Tehran.

  3. Porkchop says:

    The US is BILLED for 22% (down from 25%), but aside from the payment in 1999, I haven’t seen any indication that the US has paid any further money to the UN, and the UN claims the US owes them something like $900 million. Weirdly, the UN also owes the US money for peacekeeping.

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