Howard Zinn: historian and card-carrying Commie

I can’t say I’m shocked at the revelation that Howard Zinn, favorite historian of the progressive Left and Matt Damon, was a member of the Moscow-aligned Communist Party-USA and a willing tool of Stalin. It’s one of those “I kind of suspected this all along” things, sort of like suspecting John Edwards really is a supreme jerk or that touching a hot stove really will get you burned. It just figures.

But, if you’re interested in digging into the evidence, R.S. McCain has done the heavy spadework in a very through article.

(via Obi’s Sister)

LINKS: Much more at Memeorandum.

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  2. Obi's Sister says:

    Thanks for the link (I’m a little behind this week).

  3. […] of what was revealed in the recently released FBI dossiers.  Here’s one quote that shows I was wrong to call him a tool of Stalin; Zinn was actually to the Left of Uncle Joe and the CPUSA: By this […]

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