Is the race card the only one in their deck?

Because the Democrats seem to play it any chance they get. The latest example comes from US Senate Majority Leader Harry “Pinky” Reid, who said publicly he couldn’t see any reason why a Hispanic would vote Republican:

Get it? “Without us you campesinos would have nada, so shut up, get back on the hacienda, and vote the way we tell you!”

Harry Reid is one mean-spirited, condescending, arrogant, and petty old man. And those are his good points.

LINKS: See more on Harry Reid’s ethnic pandering and the Left’s contempt for ethnic conservatives. Also Hot Air, which suggests Harry might want to ask Nevada Republican gubernatorial nominee Brian Sandoval just why a Hispanic might dare be a conservative.

(via Legal Insurrection)

UPDATE: Florida US Senate Republican candidate Marco Rubio* reponds:

*(Psst, Harry! Don’t be alarmed, but Rubio is Cuban-American. You know, “Hispanic.” Just FYI.)

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4 Responses to Is the race card the only one in their deck?

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  2. MadAlfred says:

    Harry Reid id a fine example that one doesn’t need a brain to be (semi-)functional. Then again, he is the Zombie King.

  3. MadAlfred says:

    Hmmm. I need to read my posts before hitting the “submit” key so I can correct my typos.

  4. The “R” In Reid Stands For Racist…

    In yet another flareup of his cronic “foot-in-mouth” disease, “Henchman Harry” Reid has now added conservative Hispanics to the list of minorities who don’t pass the test of racial purity. While speaking at a campaign stop…

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