Let’s see, whom should I take seriously?

The mendacious video below from the liberal pro-abortion* group Emily’s List attacking Sarah Palin has been making the rounds of the blogosphere the last few days. I haven’t much to say about it that already hasn’t been said by Ace, Ed Morrissey, and William Jacobson. So, instead, I’ll leave you with a question. But first, watch the video:

Okay, now that you’re done laughing in disbelief, watch this video from the woman they attacked:

So, here’s the question: On matters of national politics and policy, whom do you take more seriously? A Sarah Palin talking with gravity about empowering women to deal responsibly with the problems facing the nation, or a bunch of women dressed like … a dating service for furries?

Tough choice, I know.

LINKS: Former liberal feminist Tammy Bruce calls Emily’s List a bunch of reactionaries.

*(You know, as in favoring the killing of human beings before they’re born.)

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