Note on comments: praising Hitler is not allowed

I tolerate quite a bit in the comments section, including some pretty vicious, over-the-top attacks on myself. As I say in the About page, the comments areas are for you folks to talk. I’ll rarely get involved.

One thing I won’t tolerate, however, are comments praising Adolph Adolf Hitler and what he and his filthy cohorts did to the Jews and others. That gets the comment deleted and the author banned, immediately.

Including you, “Thomas Kale.”

EDIT: To fix an embarrassing misspelling of Der Fooey’s name.

3 Responses to Note on comments: praising Hitler is not allowed

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  2. FRED ROSS says:

    I think you need to change his first name’s spelling to Adolf; when it’s spelled with a -ph I always think of a meat tenderizer my dad used to use back in the day. It’s good to know you ban that garbage from your site, by the way; the only good thing Hitler ever did was stick a revolver between his gums, unfortunately far too late!

    • Phineas Fahrquar says:

      Thanks for the correction. It’s weird; I must’ve been thinking of meat tenderizer,. too! 😉

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