She’s running, all right. You betcha.

A friend posted a link about this on Twitter the other day, asking if this was Sarah Palin’s first ad of the 2012 campaign:

In all honesty, I’d call it her second. Regardless of the official count, I take this as a big, flashing neon sign that she is going to run for President in 2012. You don’t make videos like this while intending to support Romney or Huckabee. This is yet another slick, well-produced video that keeps the candidate front and center, but makes the viewer the subject.  (Unlike, say, the campaign videos of certain Lightworkers we can think of.) SarahPac is getting very, very good at this.

All I can say is, if Sarah Palin is the nominee in 2012, stock up on pizza and popcorn (and moose chili). The battle is going to be epic.

One Response to She’s running, all right. You betcha.

  1. Mrs. N. says:

    The woman is wonderful. I love her. But Sarah is simply NOT ready for a successful presidential bid. Her PAC may be gaining form, but Ms. P. just isn’t there yet. When I, an admirer to the core, can say that, you can betcha she’s going to flop in a run.

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