Antisemitism is the Jews’ fault because of their greed

Don’t take my word for it. This comes straight from two honored and esteemed Jordanian scholars on Palestinian TV, so it must be true:

Note also the assertion by the first “scholar,” Arafat Hijazi, that there were no Jews in Palestine 150 years ago. Evidently this learned man has never heard of Hebron. I could be charitable and assume he’s an ignorant, bigoted ass, but then I would have to apologize to donkeys around the world. No, this is one of the lies told by Arab Muslims to delegitimize the State of Israel.

With intellectual leaders such as these two clowns, no wonder Palestinian society is so screwed up.

One Response to Antisemitism is the Jews’ fault because of their greed

  1. female gentile says:

    So what exactly did he say that was incorrect – Everything he said was true – Jews are money grabbing.

    Edit: I let this through so everyone can see what an antisemitic jackass “Female Gentile” is. However, the user herself goes into the spam file. -PF

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