Oh, no! The extremists are coming!!

In this latest Klavan on the Culture, Andrew Klavan explains to us how our mainstream media (which is really left wing) is trying to warn of the danger posed by extremist Tea-Partiers and Republicans (who are really mainstream) and encourage us to vote for moderate, centrist Democrats (who are really extremists), while…

Oh, never mind. I’ll let Andrew explain it. Besides, he’s much funnier than I. 

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  2. Zombwolf says:

    in this same line of though have you seen this site: http://bornagainhippies.blogspot.com/ ?

    At first I thought it was a joke–having stepped out of the blogging light to regain sanity.

    Step away for a bit and find out you are part of the lunatic fringe–a bigot and an extremist who wants to take the country back to the dark ages–funny and maybe it’s the proximity to Halloween–I felt as though Thomas Jefferson or maybe it was Reagan was reading the comments over my shoulder and shaking his head–it also as usually made me embarrassed to be a baby-boomer.

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