Jerry Brown admits he is a clueless liar #CAgov

The man speaks for himself:

What more do you need to know? Not only does he admit he had no idea of what he was doing when he became governor (the video is from many years ago), but he confessed lying about that to the public. And what should be screamingly obvious is his contempt for the voting citizen.

And my fellow Californians want to give him a third term? Really? Seriously??

PS: He also takes money from anti-American terrorist supporters.

PPS: Vote Meg.

via Gay Patriot

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3 Responses to Jerry Brown admits he is a clueless liar #CAgov

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  2. maliheh says:

    video is edited

  3. Kevin Dolan says:

    Here is how Trotsky will spin this:
    Jerry Brown was just being honest when he said that he lied. He wanted to educate the public and let them know that in a campaign it really isn’t lying. It’s fighting for your country – and that’s OK.

    Mark these words – they are already formulating this kind of “it proves he’s honest” response. The left is very predictable.

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