Boxer campaign breaks law, tries to recruit students through teachers – UPDATED

Ooops. The campaign of Senator Ma’am Boxer has been caught with both hands in the cookie jar on this one. According to the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, Boxer’s campaign (let’s not forget she is Chairman of the Senate Ethics Committee) sent a letter (PDF) to LA Unified School District teachers, asking them to recruit their students to help out with Boxer’s campaign. One problem: this breaks the California Education Code. As Michael Higby at Mayor Sam’s Sister City explains:

This is a big violation of the California Education Code which states:

California Education Code, section 51520: “During school hours, and within one hour before the time of opening and within one hour after the time of closing of school, pupils of the public school shall not be solicited on school premises by teachers or others to subscribe or contribute to the funds of, to become members of, or to work for, any organization not directly under the control of the school authorities, unless the organization is a nonpartisan, charitable organization organized for charitable purposes by an act of Congress or under the laws of the state, the purpose of the solicitation is nonpartisan and charitable, and the solicitation has been approved by the county board of education or by the governing board of the school district in which the school is located.

You can see the letter the HJTA sent to the Superintendent of Schools for LAUSD here (PDF)

Naughty, naughty, Senator Ethics! And, gee, just what would your allies in the teacher’s unions expect in return for facilitating this illegal campaign donation in kind educational experience for LA’s school kids?

And how desperate is Babs when she has to beg for illegal help? Not enough volunteers? Internal polls looking bad? If Fiorina can split the ring around metro Los Angeles, Boxer loses and will have to go back to that million-dollar house in Cokeland Oakland she failed to declare.

PS. Did you know the Chairman of the Senate Ethics Committee was one of the leading figures in the House Banking Scandal?

PPS. Vote Carly.

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UPDATE: Even while saying they weren’t really doing what the letter shows they were doing, the Boxer campaign has apologized… for not doing anything. Okay…

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  2. Frank says:

    Can anyone say “FAKE”?

    This is supposed to be a faxed or scaned copy of the “letter” from the Boxer Campaign to LA Teachers.

    Just a quick scan of the “letter” reveals several problems.

    1. No distortion in letters that appear over what look like folds and wrinkles in the “paper”.

    2. Distorted lines in the email addresses for the Boxer staff listed at the bottom of the “letter”. There are no folds or wrinkles in that section of the “paper” so why are the lines distorted. Were they copied into this “letter” from another source?

    3. Totally indistinguishable logo on letterhead looks like it came through on a VERY old fax machine that can’t produce grayscale images. I doubt that the Boxer Campaign or the LA teachers union (or HJTA for that matter) would be using such an old machine.
    You can delete this post again but I will keep posting it. You have every right to whatever conspiracy theory you want to spin, but don’t resort to forgery to generate controversy. Produce an original copy of the letter (or at least one that doesn’t look like an obvious fake). Surely there is at least one “patriot” among the LA teachers who can provide a copy of the original letter.

    • Phineas Fahrquar says:


      First, no comments of yours have been deleted here. I did delete a duplicate post you made at Sister Toldjah’s under a different name, but with the same IP and email, while approving the first.

      Second, as I said in my reply there: If the letter is a fake, why is the Boxer campaign apologizing? (See the update.)

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