Election Day: a Red Day

Today is Election Day in the United States, a day many of us have been looking forward to for 24 long months, while others have been dreading it for about 18.

I could go on a rant about how the Democrats and their Leftist allies have screwed up: the arrogance, the contempt for their fellow Americans, the thuggery, the weakness before our enemies, the anti-constitutionalism, the mind-numbingly stupid economic policies…  To borrow a phrase, “it’s a target-rich environment.”

But I won’t, for most people have already made up their minds. Instead, I want to thank the professional Democrats and their (barely disguised) socialist backers.

Yes, thank you, Democrats. Because, in the two years since Barack Obama won the Presidency and the Democratic Congress was freed of any institutional constraint, you have shown the nation what unrestrained Progressivism looks like – and we’ve been scared straight. You’ve acted like teenagers with Daddy’s credit card and your first bottle of whiskey, and now the adults are about to come home and slap you silly. You’ve done such a bang up job at screwing up that no one other than the most drooling, unthinking Obamaton will ever support big government and Keynesian policies again, probably for the next several generations. And you’ve made the job of small government, free market advocates much, much easier.

Thank you.

To my fellow Center-Righties and my brethren on the Right, Center, and practical Center-Left (who are probably appalled at their own side at the moment), I offer a hand of friendship and alliance to save the nation we love. The Left, which has taken over the Democratic Party, is not our enemy in the way bin Laden and his crew are, but they are our foes, and they are doing great harm to the United States of America. Let us join together today and vote them out of office, top to bottom along the whole ticket. Show no mercy. You may like your local congressman or senator, but remember that person probably voted to empower Nancy Pelosi or backed Harry Reid.

That alone should be damning enough. They all have to go.

For inspiration, I’ll leave you with this clip from The Lord of the Rings, which I think captures the spirit of this day*. You can probably guess which sides I think the Orcs and the Rohirrim represent.

Forth, and fear no Darkness!

*Oh heck, I just love this scene. It’s the greatest movie cavalry charge of all time.

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5 Responses to Election Day: a Red Day

  1. Baroness Wyszynski says:

    Thank you- love that scene, too.
    Yes, a RED DAY!
    And pardon my schadenfreude but I am having such fun watching the lame stream obamafiles as they see the dawning of sanity return to the fore in our Sacred Nation.
    Yes, it’s a sweet dish- served cold or warmed up, a sweet dish indeed.

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  3. Matzpen says:

    The Democrats have done nothing to appease their progressive base. That’s why they’re losing today, not because they’ve somehow gone “too far” but that they haven’t gone anywhere period

  4. MadAlfred says:

    Mordor still rules in California.

    • Phineas Fahrquar says:

      Well, don’t forget we have half the movie to go: We need to march a small army to the Capitol in Sacramento, fight a desperate, hopeless battle on capitol mall, and hold on until a short guy can toss the One Ring into the Crack of Doom at Mount Shasta.

      I don’t think we have any eagles, however. May have to settle for pigeons.

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