Green scam falls apart

November 8, 2010

The Goracle hates failure!

The Chicago Climate Exchange, set up in anticipation of a huge market trading carbon credits and which had as an adviser one Al Gore, has failed.

Darn. Breaks my heart.  The biggest racket since the mob figured out they could make money from Prohibition, and now… bupkus.

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Things that make you bang your head against the desk

November 8, 2010

California, heavily in debt and running a massive deficit, is borrowing $40,000,000 per day to pay for unemployment compensation.

Hey, geniuses in Sacramento! How about doing something unheard of (in your universe): cut taxes, spending, and regulations so businesses will quit fleeing this state and would actually create jobs here instead of Utah or Texas?

Sounds crazy, I know; it goes against everything you dearly believe, and it will tough to let go of your tax-and-spend blankie. But, since what you’re currently doing just isn’t working (just like one out of eight of us), maybe it’s time to try something… sensible?

Just a thought.

What We Believe: gun rights and the 2nd amendment

November 8, 2010

In part five of his series on what American conservatives believe, Bill Whittle looks at the right of a free people to bear arms, how that is an essential part of our democratic republic, and pokes holes in the arguments of the gun-control lobby:

He’s missing some historical context for the Second Amendment, how it arose from a provision of the English Bill of Rights that itself was a reaction to the attempts by the Stuarts to ban firearms (for a good discussion, see Levy, Origin of the Bill of Rights, chapter six), but he’s spot on about the right to own guns being a sign of trust between citizens and their government. Suppress that right, and the bonds of trust are severely weakened as only agents of the State may bear arms while the people must rely on them for protection – and on their goodwill.  The citizen, in other words, is a citizen no more, but a servant.

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Why work? Welfare addiction in handout hungry Britain

November 8, 2010

Here’s a brief news report from Russia Today on welfare dependence in Great Britain and the damage it causes by encouraging irresponsibility and a culture of relying on the state for one’s basic needs. The woman in the video isn’t a free, self-reliant citizen; instead she is a ward of the state, effectively infantilized. And nearly one in eight Britons are like her.

Remember how Reagan criticized the system for encouraging “welfare queens?” Well, it’s back to the future, if the (Social) Democrats get their way.

Via Dan Mitchell.

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