Thank goodness Obama has cleaned up the White House

November 9, 2010

He and his team would never cook an official report to get what they want. Not like those naaasssttyyy BushChimpHitler* goons.  Never.

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*(For the record, I don’t believe the Bush White House tampered with the intel leading up to the Iraq invasion. There’s a big difference between being wrong and being dishonest. And even then they weren’t as wrong as assumed.)

Mysterious missile launch off Los Angeles? UPDATED: solution found?

November 9, 2010

Look, I realize the rest of the country is mad at California, but do you have to shoot at us, too?

The launch took place 35 miles west of LA and north of Catalina Island during rush hour last night. The footage above was taken by a CBS News traffic chopper that was in the air at the time. Both the Navy and Vandenberg AFB are denying it was one of theirs, so…Whose was it?

Troubling question: And just where did it come down?

UPDATE: Allahpundit speculates at Hot Air. More from McKittrick at Closing Velocity.

UPDATE II: WUWT may have the solution – a jet’s contrail over the sea combined with an optical illusion caused by the Earth’s spherical shape.

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Al Qaeda plotting to kill French First Lady?

November 9, 2010

Not surprising. The last thing the Religion of Misogyny can tolerate is a self-confident, independent woman who doesn’t dress like a shapeless lump:

Why France banned the burqa


From Daily News and Analysis:

Security services believe President Nicolas Sarkozy’s wife is now “high up” on al-Qaeda’s hitlist of potential VIP victims in France, it was revealed.

Fears for Bruni’s safety come after Osama bin Laden issued a chilling personal threat to kill French citizens in revenge for France backing the war in Afghanistan and their new law banning the burqa.

The al-Qaeda terror chief released an audio tape last week warning, “It is a simple equation, if you kill, you will be killed.”


“Security has always been high around the First couple, but we have learned that it has now been heavily increased around Ms Bruni herself,” the Daily Mail quoted the website as saying.

“There is no question of her ever going out without an armed escort and details of all her movements are being kept secret until the very last moment.

It’s still a war, folks, and they’re still trying to kill us.

LINKS: My earlier posts on Islamic misogyny. And here’s a good book on the topic.

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