Mysterious missile launch off Los Angeles? UPDATED: solution found?

Look, I realize the rest of the country is mad at California, but do you have to shoot at us, too?

The launch took place 35 miles west of LA and north of Catalina Island during rush hour last night. The footage above was taken by a CBS News traffic chopper that was in the air at the time. Both the Navy and Vandenberg AFB are denying it was one of theirs, so…Whose was it?

Troubling question: And just where did it come down?

UPDATE: Allahpundit speculates at Hot Air. More from McKittrick at Closing Velocity.

UPDATE II: WUWT may have the solution – a jet’s contrail over the sea combined with an optical illusion caused by the Earth’s spherical shape.

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3 Responses to Mysterious missile launch off Los Angeles? UPDATED: solution found?

  1. Craig says:

    It’s clearly a missile. None of these other explanations make sense, nor do the examples they give match what we are seeing here. The optical illusion explanation doesn’t work because the contrail is viewed from several different angles and yet the appearance does not change. The sheer volumn of the contrail rules out any kind of aircraft. And in one shot you can even see the flaring of the rocket engine, something you would never see on an airplane. Nor would I expect the Navy or Pentagon to ‘fess up if they accidentally fired off a live one. I’m going with missile.

  2. Steve says:

    I believe China is responsible. Our President is in Asia and they wanted to embarrass our military and our President by demonstrating using their stealth technology again, they could just be saber rattling period. It’s also a known fact that they are to blame for 80 + attempts to hack computer security at the Pentagon daily. If you study history you may know that it is remarkably haunting in relationship to Japan (Pre WWII), they were building a strong economy and military with U.S. trade and we ended up in a war. China is upset with being blamed and singled out by many in the U.S. for the economy and may be sending a stern warning for us not to push them and their capable military, that is if size matters; no pun intended. Not to mention that we are deeply indebted to them. Paranoia or truth? Maybe a weather balloon/rocket HA!

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