Four lessons in Islamic Jew-hatred

December 10, 2010

I’ve often written here about the antisemitism that is an integral part of Islam, something that has been a constant of the religion since the time of Muhammad, himself. Below are four videos, courtesy of Palestinian Media Watch, that illustrate the vilification, demonization, and barefaced Jew-hatred that are a daily part of Islamic life in the Palestinian Authority.

First, a reminder that fighting Jews is a religious duty, to be carried out until the day of resurrection:

Note the insistence that all agreements are temporary, until Allah commands otherwise. This comes from Muhammad’s example, specifically the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah, which Muhammad broke when it was convenient for him to resume fighting his enemies in Mecca.

Next, a charming PA cleric calls for the genocide of the Jews and the killing of Americans. In his words, we must be butchered:

Obviously, he didn’t get the memo that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance.

Next up is video of a sermon given during the Second Intifada, helpfully reminding us that Jews are evil and that they should expect to die:

Not quite the Sermon on the Mount, is it?

Finally, a sermon in which a PA cleric relates Allah’s promise that, if the Muslim will fight the Jews, then Muslims will be the masters of the Jews:

Call me a cynic, but, somehow, I’m willing to bet that the sheikh in the video who was so happy that a young boy would promise to commit suicide and murder by blowing himself up among Jews has yet to strap on the explosive belt, himself. They’re always happy to send some poor dumb schmuck who thinks he’s going to be rewarded with wine and virgins, but, somehow, they never get round to doing it themselves.

Odd, that.

Anyway, the point of posting these isn’t just to point out the vicious, murderous Jew-hatred that’s an everyday part of Islam, but to ask a question: How can the supposedly moderate Palestinian Authority be considered a legitimate “partner for peace” when their religious leaders are daily calling Jews enemies of God and demanding their death and destruction, when their educational system inculcates this in their children from the earliest age?

The answer is, of course, they can’t. Not when they’re told every day that fighting and killing Jews –in Israel and around the world– is a command from God, himself. Were Israel to give up all the occupied territories and return to the 1947 borders, there would at best be a temporary truce, a modern-day Hudaybiyyah, which would end with the Muslims resuming their assault on the Jews at their convenience. This is a religious war, not a battle for territory.

The great former Soviet dissident Natan Sharansky, in his book The Case for Democracy, argued that no genuine peace is possible with the Palestinians until their minds were freed of the totalitarian group-think forced on them through their schools and mosques, and their society purged of the intellectual and spiritual poison.

I have to agree. Sadly, I don’t expect it to happen any time soon.

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