Fighting hate speech with hate speech

British MEP Daniel Hannan has a great article today about the Left’s grotesque tone-deafness in the wake of the Tucson massacre:

Michael Daly in the New York Daily News writes that Sarah Palin may now have “the blood of more than some poor caribou on her hands”. Jane Fonda blames Glenn Beck. Not all Lefties are taking this line, of course; perhaps not most. But it is striking that those who complain most loudly about hate speech then go on to indulge in the very phenomenon they purport to be condemning.

There is something repulsive about attacking your opponents for their intemperate language and in the same breath accusing them of complicity in murder. There is something blindly narcissistic about calling for a calmer debate while at the same time attacking Sarah Palin in terms that come close to incitement. Odium is not confined to any political faction. Spend five minutes reading the online reactions to the atrocity to see how readily Leftists resort to accusations of evil.

Six people have been murdered, for God’s sake, one of them a nine-year-old girl.

Let’s keep that in mind, shall we?

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