When your name is “Palin,” you have no right to defend yourself

I was going to go off on another rant‡ about Democratic politicians, mainstream journalists, and leftist activists (but I repeat myself) and their blood libel against the Right and Sarah Palin, but then I watched this episode of PJTV’s Trifecta and realized that Greene, Ott, and Whittle said everything I could. And did it better. Just watch;  I’ll wait here.

Take away line from Whittle: “I have to count to ten.”

Of the many odd, even outrageous, things I’ve read and heard over the last few days since the shooting spree and, especially,  since her address two days ago, the corker has to be that Sarah Palin should have stayed out of the fray, kept herself above it all, let others handle it for her. In other words, she should have shut up.

To which I reply: Horse manure.

This was no garden-variety criticism from the Left that one could reasonably shrug off and let others handle. This was a monstrous accusation of inciting mass-murder, including the killing of a child, and of encouraging the attempted murder of a congresswoman. No human being could or should stay silent when slandered in that way. Sure as the sun rises in the East, someone would twist that silence into an admission of guilt, and others would believe him. To say that she had no right to defend herself is either cynical or idiotic, take your pick.

And to say she had been wronged but should have done the “politically smart thing” and stayed out of it shows monumental blindness to what’s been happening: a desperate attempt by the left-liberal establishment to destroy the one potential candidate who truly scares them and to delegitimize the movement of average Americans she symbolizes — and even free speech itself. Not only did she have to speak to defend herself, she had to fight back to defend the right of the Right to say anything other than “Yes, master*.”

This was not a case where Sarah Palin could sit back, eat moose dogs, and let others fight her battle. Besides, outside of talk radio and Center-Right blogs, just who the Hell has been defending her? Where are all these people she should let take up sword and shield in her name? I didn’t see a rush from the Republican “leadership” or the political experts on the talk-show carousel. Governor Palin gets carpet-bombed by the perpetually outraged Left, and all we hear is the sound of crickets from the Republicans and mealy-mouthed tongue-clucking from the talk-show panels. Thanks a lot, guys and gals. It’s nice to know you’ve got her back. Try not to stick a knife in it, okay?

We all saw the ABC news clip in the video above. Like Greene said, millions did. Millions who don’t read Center-Right blogs or listen to talk-radio, but who still get their news from the MSM — and they were just told Sarah Palin was to blame for Tucson. And yet she was supposed to stay silent in the face of garbage like that, day after day?

No. Forget it. Not this time. I’ll even stipulate that there have been instances she’s fired back at more ordinary criticisms when she shouldn’t have, because she’s a fighter.

But not now.

Governor Palin had to respond to these slanders; it was her right and she was right to do it.

LINKS: Allahpundit has an assignment for budding speechwriters: “Try to write an address titled ‘I Didn’t Kill Anyone’ without sounding aggrieved.” Daniel Blatt thinks Sarah Palin made a mistake. I disagree in the comments. Power Line has a superb quote from President Lincoln about an earlier Democratic blood libel. Lori Ziganto calls her speech thoughtful and on-target, while accusing the Left of losing it’s grip on reality.

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*Any bets on how long it will take some hypersensitive Lefty to accuse me of racist rhetoric?

‡Guess I did, anyway.

6 Responses to When your name is “Palin,” you have no right to defend yourself

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Phineas Fahrquar. Phineas Fahrquar said: Public Secrets #tcot When your name is "Palin," you have no right to defend yourself http://ow.ly/1aS3D7 […]

  2. Steve in TN says:

    Gotta agree to disagree on this one. I think Krauthammer had it right. The MSM and screaming nuts on the left had already been rejected by public opinion and just about every right of center tallking head/blogger/opinionist. Palin re-inserted herself in the debate and reinvigorated the left’s failed attempt to link her (and others) to the shooter.

    Palin really needs a heady publicist to advise her. For instance: Reagan was attacked and vilified all the time. He kept addressing issues on radio between ’75 and ’79 and let his positions speak for him. He didn’t stoop to the level of the leftist detractors and spoke directly to the American people about where he stood and what his vision was. Palin has yet to learn this lesson, and until she does she won’t be a viable presidential contender.

    • Phineas Fahrquar says:

      “Gotta agree to disagree on this one.”

      Oh well, I’ll live. 🙂

      Regarding Reagan, I remember those days and, yes, his strategy was effective, and in normal circumstances I might agree with you. But he never had to face anything as heinous and concerted as this, that I recall.

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  4. […] the week she’s been through, I imagine this would put a smile on Sarah Palin’s […]

  5. […] After the week she’s been through, I imagine this would put a smile on Sarah Palin’s […]

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