Palin 2012 campaign poster?

I can dig it:

Go to Andrew Coffin’s article at Big Government for a full report and many more pictures of Palin’s visit to the ranch and her speech before the Young America’s Foundation. I watched her live on CSPAN; it was a good speech, not her best (Her delivery struck me as a little off.), but still a very good, heartfelt tribute to Reagan’s famous 1964 address “A Time for Choosing.” (If you haven’t ever seen that, go now and watch. It is impressive. Don’t worry, I’ll be here when you get back.) What it most definitely wasn’t was the content and proposal-free speech the hack at the New York Times thought it was. Conservatives for Palin has the definitive rebuttal, while I’m left wondering if the Times’ Jeff Zeleny and I were watching the same program — or were even in the same dimension. But then, this is typical of the hatchet job the MSM regularly hits the former governor with.

To paraphrase President Reagan: “Well, there they go again.”

Meanwhile, back to the subject of this post, while Palin wisely said in her speech that the hunt for another Reagan was futile and, by implication, an unfair comparison for any modern candidate, images such as the one above make them inevitable. Though Sarah Palin may be no Ronald Reagan*, it’s my opinion that she, among all the likely 2012 candidates, best “gets” what he meant and what he was about. And the photo above conveys that.

But, I’ll leave the last words to unabashed Palinista and radio talk-show host Tammy Bruce:

Liberals, Islamists and Globalists take note: She’ll always look this good, even when ruining your plans. …the Mayans were right–your world is coming to an end in 2012. Have a Happy Sunday, I certainly am.


*Let’s face it: as good and significant a president as he was, even the historical Reagan couldn’t live up to the “golden age” image memory and time have cloaked him in. It’s one thing to admire great men and women; it’s another to engage in hagiography. It’s unfair both to the real person and those who come after him.

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