Does Barack Obama hate Great Britain?

I mean, selling-out an ally’s nuclear secrets isn’t something one usually does to an ally one likes, is it?

Here’s what happened: According to WikiLeaks, a series of classified cables were sent from the U.S. negotiators to the State Department explaining that the Russians wanted to know the full extent of Great Britain’s nuclear capability. This was hardly surprising, as throughout the Cold War they had been trying to get this information. Now they were insisting on it as a price for Russian support for the New START deal. They could gauge this information from examining the “unique identifer” serial numbers on the Trident missiles that the U.S. has sold the UK over the years. The State Department has called these reports “bunk”.

Instead of telling Moscow that Britain was an independent power not party to the treaty, and therefore information about her nuclear deterrent was non-negotiable, the leaked cables show that the Obama administration lobbied the British Foreign Office and Ministry of Defense in 2009 for permission to simply tell Moscow this data about the number, age, and performance capabilities of Trident.

Needless to say, the U.K refused, because not letting the Russians know the full extent of its deterrent has long been key to its success. Yet astonishingly—and in my view despicably—the Obama administration seems to have simply rode roughshod over British objections and—according both to WikiLeaks and the Daily Telegraph of London—“The U.S. agreed to hand over the serial numbers of Trident missiles it transfers to Britain.”

If this is the way Obama treats one of our closest allies, I’d hate to see how he treats our enemies.

Oh, wait. I have:

Obama with Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez

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  2. Frank Nitti says:

    every day there is another one of these types of news clips about the stupidity or arrogance of this admin.

    and every day i keep saying they surely can’t top this, but in the style that we have become accustom to……..

    they do

    Come on ’12

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