Mexican police chief did indeed flee to the US

A few days ago I wrote about the disappearance of Marisol Valles García, who at 21 was the youngest police chief in Mexico. Subsequent news articles claimed she had vanished or walked off her job, but few were willing to credit the idea that she had sought asylum north of the border. Understandable; it would be a little embarrassing for Mexico, if true.

Well, it is true:

After fleeing Mexico to request asylum, the young police chief of the Juárez Valley was
released from a detention center in El Paso and moved north of the U.S. border, officials said Tuesday.

The location of Marisol Valles García, 21, and her family is not being disclosed.

“Marisol Valles García is in the United States,and she will have the opportunity to present the facts of her case before an impartial immigration judge,” said an official with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

It’s never a good sign when a police chief has to flee for his or her life, but, given the short life expectancy of Mexican chiefs of police these days, I don’t blame Valles Garcia at all.

via Borderland Beat

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