Andrew Klavan: Your public-sector unions in action

Klavan on the Culture returns with an incisive and satirical look at the many good things public-sector unions bring to our national life, such as kickback schemes, a corrupted political process, and threats of violence:

Now aren’t you glad you work for them?

PS: The journal he mentions at the end, City Journal, is a very good magazine on conservative politics and culture, which I highly recommend. And, while I haven’t read “Obama and America’s Public Sector Plague,” if it’s as good as the rest of the Encounter Broadsides series, then it is must-reading.

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One Response to Andrew Klavan: Your public-sector unions in action

  1. Joe Canadian. says:

    Get rid of unions. Get rid of master-slave type employer/owner – employee relationship. If someone wants to declare themselves a self made man they can do it wihtout any exoloitive help.

    All private sector workers should be the only owners of what they produce and sell. No shareholders or one person at the helm owning the store.

    There are many great success stories involving employee owned outfits. This is the ultimate American success story – where anybody can make it and everybody will.

    Get rid of Unions – and get rid of the need for unions all at once.

    No more mass hirings and exploitation of the working class.

    My next job is going to be my best job because this is exactly what I am going to do. Cool huh?

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